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WCNV Mission Statement

To maintain Westford as a peaceable and safe community built on respect, caring and responsibility for ourselves and each
other through ongoing community conversations and activities. The safety and well being of our community life requires non-violent resolution of conflict.

Town of Westford New Affiliate with the White Ribbon Day Campaign!

MA White Ribbon Day Huge Success


The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to register the Town of Westford as an official White Ribbon Day affiliate! Plans are underway to schedule a White Ribbon Event at an upcoming Westford Academy basketball game. Additional details will follow as they become available.

Individuals can take the pledge and add their name to the growing number of men in Massachusetts who have joined this campaign:


From this day forward I promise to be part of the solution in ending violence against women.

To take the pledge use the online registration form:

Additional Information:

Campaign PSA

Updated Event Day Flyer

Online background

The members of the Westford Coalition of Non Violence look forward to a successful campaign, as we continue our coordinated community response to domestic violence here in Westford.


A support group/counseling for victims of Domestic Violence is now available. Sessions are Free, confidential and protected. Please contact YWCA Battered Women’s Resources Phone: 978-537-2306 x 15. Ask for Odessa Sadburry to obtain details.

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