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WCNV Mission Statement

To maintain Westford as a peaceable and safe community built on respect, caring and responsibility for ourselves and each
other through ongoing community conversations and activities. The safety and well being of our community life requires non-violent resolution of conflict.

White Ribbon Campaign

MA White Ribbon Day Huge Success


In 2011, the Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to register the Town of Westford as an official White Ribbon Day affiliate!

Individuals can take the pledge and add their name to the growing number of men in Massachusetts who have joined this campaign:

A group of 8th Grade Boys from the Blanchard & Stoneybrook Middle Schools in Westford visited the State House on April 12th 2012, as guests of the White Ribbon Day co-chairpersons, Commissioner Angelo McClain of the Department of Children and Families and Paulo Pinto, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers. These honorable young men took a pro-active step to pledge to be part of the solution to end violence against women in Massachusetts. White Ribbon Day is a state wide prevention initiative sponsored by Jane Doe Inc., the Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault  & Domestic Violence.

The students were scheduled to attend the White Ribbon Day State House ceremony on March 1st, but school was canceled because of the late season snow storm. These committed young people were so disappointed about the missed opportunity, that they pushed for another trip to Boston to take the pledge. Commissioner McClain and Director Pinto were so impressed with the determination of the Westford youth, that they arranged for a special ceremony. Senator Eileen Donoghue hosted the event in her office with support from Senator Ken Donnelly and Representative Jim Arciero. Senator Donoghue commended the young people for taking a stand in the struggle to end violence against woman and encouraged the students to be part of the solution. Commissioner McClain and Director Pinto praised the young men for their courage to be leaders and challenged them to bring the message back to their schools that violence against woman is not acceptable.

Michele Long and Paul Starratt of the Westford Coalition for Non Violence worked with Vice Principal Tim Hislop and Counselor Scott Nilsen to organize the event. Coach Morgan and teachers Kevin St. Cyr and James Merkle also joined Coalition Chair Sandy Collins in supporting the students by attending the memorable event.