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To maintain Westford as a peaceable and safe community built on respect, caring and responsibility for ourselves and each
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Warning Signs

Warning Signs of an Abusive Realtionship

Most individuals who hurt their partners and/or family members do not do it out of anger; they do it out of a desire to control.  Listed below are tactics used by controlling individuals and may be signs that you or a loved one is in an abusive relationship.

Emotionally Abusive

  • Humiliates, ridicules, name calls, mocks
  • Degrades, withholds affection
  • Uses silence or profanity
  • Tells partner no one else would want him/her and she/he will never be allowed to leave the relationship
  • Acts loving and apologetic after verbal or physical abuse
  • Begs for forgiveness and promises to change (but never does)


  • Displays intense jealousy or possessiveness
  • Becomes easily enraged
  • Threatens to leave or institutionalize partner
  • Destroys partner’s property
  • Threatens/hurts children or pets or other family members or friends
  • Threatens to kill partner or him/herself if the relationship should end

Physically Abuses

  • Slaps, punches, pinches, bites, kicks, hits walls, throws things, etc.
  • Is rough with physical body parts during care giving
  • Strangles partner

Sexually Abuses

  • Is rough with intimate body parts during sex
  • Makes demeaning remarks about intimate body parts
  • Refuses affections or sexual intimacy as punishment
  • Forces sexual intimacy or uncomfortable sexual behavior

Minimizes, Denies, and Blames the Person Being Controlled

  • Makes light of abusive behavior
  • Does not take partner’s concerns about it seriously
  • Denies abuse happened
  • Says it was the partner’s behavior that caused the abuse

Uses Family Members

  • Misleads family about extent and nature of partner’s illnesses/conditions/mental stability
  • Excludes or denies partner access to family; forces family to keep secrets
  • Manipulates children to be abusive to partner


  • Controls what partner does, who partner sees, and where partner goes
  • Denies access to phone or mail

Ridicules Values/Spirituality

  • Denies access to worship and/or clergy
  • Ignores or ridicules religious/cultural values
  • Uses religion/scriptures to rationalize abuse

Abuses/Neglects Dependencies and Medical Needs

  • Takes away partner’s walker, wheelchair, glasses, medications, etc.
  • Does not report medical conditions and/or makes partner miss medical appointments

Exploits Financially

  • Steals money, property titles, possessions
  • Takes control of finances without permission
  • Abuses power of attorney

Uses Privilege

  • Treats partner like a servant
  • Makes all major decisions

Adapted from the Domestic Violence Services Network (DVSN), Inc.